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X-Ray x–ray \ˈeks-ˌrā\ noun A safe and painless procedure used to produce images of the inside of the body. It is commonly used to discover

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Whiplash whip·lash \ˈhwip-ˌlash noun A neck injury that occurs when the head suddenly moves forward, backward, or sideways. It is a common result of an

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Vertebra ver·te·bra \ˈvər-tə-brə\ noun Each vertebra in the spinal column is an extremely complex structure composed of hyaline cartilage and bone. There are a total

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Ultrasound ul·tra·sound \ˈəl-trə-ˌsau̇nd\ noun An oscillating sound pressure with a greater frequency than what is possible for the human ear to hear. Ultrasound is occasionally

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