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If you are looking for a chiropractor because of an injury caused by auto or sports accidents in the Scottsdale area, Bluestone Chiropractic Group should be your first call. If you’ve been injured, and have started to experience constant headache or dizziness, low back pain, frozen shoulder, or other pain that followed your injury but seem to have come out of nowhere, make sure to contact the doctors and injury specialists at Bluestone Chiropractic to help alleviate your suffering. Often injuries can come from unnoticed damage to the spine and the nerves, things that won’t be picked up on immediately by emergency room doctors. Our task at Bluestone Chiropractic group is to use the latest advancements in chiropractic, physical therapy, and other approaches to get you back onto the path to full recovery. With a knowledgeable staff and the latest techniques and technology, you can feel safe putting your care into the hands of our doctors.

Chiropractic Therapy:

Working on the Pain That You Can Feel, But Can’t See

Chiropractic works by working on subluxations (spinal and other misalignment) that can shift how the nerves work, pressing against them and causing substantial pain and damage. While the spine is one of the most protected regions in the body, it can be easily shifted out of place through even light whiplash or heavy pressure accidents. If, after a sports injury, headaches or other pain begins to occur, it’s important to get checked out by a chiropractor. Our chiropractors are also trained in physical therapy, to ensure that they can take care of all aspects to spinal injury or other injuries to the nervous system. By applying chiropractic techniques, heavily damaged nerves can start to feel relief and naturally recover, even months later. If you find yourself feeling headaches, lower back pain or more after a painful injury, contact the staff at Bluestone Chiropractic Group today.

Physical and Massage Therapy:

Bluestone Chiropractic’s Multidisciplinary Approach

Bluestone Chiropractic uses a combination of effective techniques to get your body back on track. Alongside spinal adjustment, our medical group uses both physical therapy alongside deep tissue massage therapy to make patients’ lives easier and make their recovery go more quickly. By combining a variety of successful approaches, the doctors at Bluestone Chiropractic Group are able to help accelerate patient recovery. The result of any sort of nervous or spinal misalignment is almost always that the body has developed “coping” mechanisms which involve further muscle strain and nerve pressure.

By using realignment therapy, physical therapy to help the body get back to its natural state, and deep tissue massage therapy to help heal proximate damage caused by nerve injury, our staff can help restore and improve motor function as well as reduce or eliminate backache, headache, and other pain caused by an auto or sports injury. If you’ve been injured in an accident or during sports play, and been feeling chronic pain for longer than expected, talk to the doctors at Bluestone Chiropractic Group today.

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