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Bluestone Chiropractic Group specializes in dealing with patients who have been injured in auto or sports accidents and need healing and recovery. Our doctors use the latest research and advances in chiropractic care to help patients get back on track and lead healthier, fuller lives. People who have been injured will often experience pain that doesn’t seem immediately related to an injury such as headaches, dizziness, or low back pain, which can be caused by misalignment or injuries to the spine. Bluestone Chiropractic Group uses a true multidisciplinary model to maximize the speed and efficiency of patient recovery, making use of general chiropractic techniques as well as physical and massage therapy. We specialize in dealing with personal injury because we know that time is always of the essence when it comes to recovery from bodily damage– injuries can cause chronic and progressively debilitating pain if they are not dealt with. Bluestone Chiropractic Group goes by healing first.

Chiropractic and Injury:

Taking Into Account the Nervous System With Spinal Therapy

An often-overlooked aspect of personal injury is the effect on the nervous system, even though a substantial number of injuries will manifest spinal and other nerve issues such as pinched nerves or damaged discs later. Since such pain often becomes chronic later, doctors often tend to focus on injuries that are life-threatening first and painful for the patient later. Because of this, patients needing help for recovery are often at a state of substantial damage by the time they arrive. The good news is that chiropractic techniques can be useful even in much later stage injuries than other therapies. By using spinal realignment, pinched nerves and pressed discs can often be released from massive pain and improved overall for the patient.

Physical Therapy:

Using a Combined Approach For Faster Healing

Another aspect of Bluestone Chiropractic Group’s multidisciplinary approach is the use of physical therapy. Especially in cases of chronic pain due to personal injury, we often find that many patients have developed coping strategies which help them somewhat, but may also do more harm than good. After a regimen of chiropractic treatment, a program of physical therapy is essential to helping people regain as much of their bodies’ original function as possible. Bluestone Chiropractic Group uses the latest medical equipment to diagnose and track progress related to injuries so that the causes of pain can be located, isolated and repaired.

Through a comprehensive program of spinal adjustment and physical therapy, patients feel and heal better and more quickly overall. If you’ve been injured in an accident, and you’ve felt headaches, dizziness, frozen shoulder or other injuries for longer than expected, talk to the doctors at Bluestone Chiropractic Group to examine whether there are injuries you haven’t dealt with underneath the surface. It’s possible that aspects of your injury that were not life-threatening and thus less apparent are starting to show themselves now– and it’s extremely important to make sure that you put your full recovery first.

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