New Popular Trend Athletes are Using To Help Prevent Sport Related Injuries

Chiropractor Care

Sports chiropractors are becoming more and more relevant among athletes and sports related injuries. There are a variety of different treatment options a chiropractor can offer based on the injury. Treatments include:


  • Advanced soft tissue manipulation
  • Eccentric strengthening protocols
  • In-office physiotherapies
  • Advanced forms of dynamic stretches
  • Gait analysis
  • Chiropractic adjustments

No longer are chiropractors working on body adjustments and realignments, they also help heal injuries caused by the stress of physical activities. Chiropractors are increasingly becoming licensed and certified in multiple areas that cover whole body care.

Advanced Soft Tissue Manipulation consists of probing and shearing as well as rolling. It is designed to heal soft tissue injuries with a prolonged inflammation process (also no as tendinitis).

Eccentric Strengthening Protocols are vital to understand as you could do more harm than good if done improperly. Eccentric exercises can be harmful when done too assertively, which makes it crucial to use appropriate protocol when being preformed.

In-office Physiotherapies is another name for physical therapists. They are there to increase range of motion through stretches, muscle strengthening, and educating the patient on at home care for the injured area(s).

Advanced forms of Dynamic Stretches include maximizing your body’s range of motion. There are joint rotations that include all areas of the body, neck mobility, shoulder circles, arm swings, side bends, hip circles and twists, half squats, leg swings, lunges, and ankle bounces. These forms of dynamic stretching are excellent for the body as a warm up into a more intense and rigorous strengthening session. Though these are great techniques to use for the body, over stretching can cause the body harm as well. It is important to be properly educated on the techniques before performing.

Gait Analysis is a form of assessing the way the body is aligned by evaluating one’s way of walking, running, skipping, etc. Posture can lead to many body injuries and complications. Gait will provide answers as to why certain injuries occur and give insight as to how to treat the injured area(s).

Chiropractic Adjustments is spinal manipulation. This involves pushing your joints beyond its normal range of motion but not to go too far to cause injury to the body.

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