5 Simple Ways to Keep Your Spine Healthy

Why do you need to keep your spine healthy? The answer is obvious, of course. Your spine has the nerves and muscles that provide the connections to the rest of your body, and as long as it remains healthy, you will not suffer back pain and other musculoskeletal problems.

Anterior & Posterior Sides of Human Body

Keep your spine healthy with these five tips.

It’s not too hard keeping your spine healthy. All it takes is the determination to live a healthy lifestyle. Here are three simple ways to get you started:

Maintain good posture, whether standing up, lying down, or walking around. Having good posture means you can breathe properly and have enough oxygen supply in your body. When there’s enough oxygen, blood circulation will improve, as well as your thinking ability. It also improves how you look and make you feel better about yourself. Most importantly, when you have a good posture, you can avoid suffering from serious health complications like chronic back and chest pains.

Do specific exercises that are beneficial to your spine. While there are a lot of exercises you can do, yoga and pilates are among the best because they ensure that you pay attention to your posture when you do the poses. There are other strengthening and stretching exercises as well that focus on your core muscles which help keep the spine in top shape.

Keep on moving throughout the day. Working in front of the computer the whole day is definitely not good for you, much less for your spine. If you’re at work, make sure to constantly move around; even small movements will do. Stand up and walk around the office every now and then. Stretch your arms and neck even when you’re just sitting down. Do some bending exercises regularly, even if it’s just to pick up some things off the floor.

Eat healthy and well and take your vitamins. Spinal health can also come through good nutrition so make sure to eat a balanced diet. Reduce your consumption of fastfood and junk foods. Store up instead on fruits and vegetables and lots of fiber. Soak up the sunshine (use sunscreen!) when you can to get the much-needed vitamin D. Drink milk or take calcium supplements as well. It’s important also to avoid excesses, especially when it comes to coffee, alcohol and cigarettes.

See your chiropractor regularly. Despite all your precautions, you may still cause some strain on your muscles and nerves. Seeing a chiropractor regularly for manual adjustments can help your body heal itself naturally without need for medications.

These are just a few simple ways to keep your spine healthy, but doing these consistently can make sure that you will live a healthy, fulfilling life with your healthy spine.

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