Maintaining Youth with Chiropractic Care

Woman Stretching on BOSU Ball

BOSU Balls are often used during chiropractic care to help patients with challenging their bodies to balance, which in turn provides added strength.

While age might be a state of mind, remaining youthful takes work, says Dr. Andrew “Andy” Fetterman. And it doesn’t hurt to make chiropractic sessions an integral part of your wellness regimen.

Dr. Fetterman recalls a 20-year-old patient suffering from a brain disorder that caused the young man to have three to four seizures a day that left him developmentally challenged and afflicted with a hunched posture. The patient underwent several surgeries to try and alleviate his symptoms, each of which resulted in complications. Finally, the young man sought chiropractic help.

It took two years but the treatments brought the seizures under control and down to just one or two a month and his physical health improve so he had good posture for his 6’ frame. He was also able to get a job and start living a full, normal life. Dr. Fetterman believes there is a relationship between chiropractic treatments, wellness, and natural healing in how to stay young as well as fit.

Fetterman stresses a philosophy that living quality life means more than simply being pain free. It means having a high energy level thorugh ample sleep, proper nutrition, and enjoying life every day. He also believes in natural health, which is where one heals the body and lets the body heal itself. That should be the first option before prescription drugs and surgeries.

According to Fetterman, people often run to doctors or seek medication because they are afraid to trust their bodies. People fear what they don’t understand or have knowledge of and modern society is conditioned to opt for the quick fix of a pill or invasive procedure. But in many cases, those interventions either don’t work or lead to other problems so the first line of defense should be our own natural health.

Healing our bodies starts with movement and exercise followed by nutrition and the extreme importance of our emotional well-being, noting that joy with life can bring tangible health benefits. It’s a truly holistic approach to wellness.

One of Fetterman’s favorite demonstration concerns balance and coordination, using BOSU balls to show how walking on an uneven surface is a challenge for the body that helps it become more efficient. So instead of going for a walk on the flat neighborhood sidewalk, go for a hike to give your body more of a challenge so it can become more efficient. The more opportunities we give our bodies get healthier, the better it will be able to heal itself when the need arises.

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