How Chiropractic Treatments Can Reduce Toxins

Many in the medical community believe toxins play a significant role in illness and possibly obesity. Our bodies are designed to eliminate toxins but we are so bombarded that we become overloaded because many of the most common foods and drinks we consume contain substances that contribute to people packing on pounds and interfering with optimum body functions. And it’s not just what we eat and drink; toxins can be in the environment as well such as pesticides or smog or heavy metals in the air.

Body Toxins & Fresh Foods

Eating plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits is a great way to flush unwanted toxins out of your body.

A three day starvation fast is not the solution. To make our bodies efficient for the long haul we need to adopt a new approach toward healthful living and your chiropractor can help. A number of Phoenix chiropractors are assisting clients by offering detox programs that will result in increased energy, weight loss, and healthier, stronger bodies.

The first step is to be mentally and physically prepared. Be well rested. Don’t start a detox while sick with a cold or the flu. Once you’re ready, pick a specific date to start and ease into the detox, gradually weaning yourself away from caffeine, sugar, and processed foods. You make experience some fatigue, cravings for sugar, and made feel emotional and tense. At the same time, start incorporating more fresh foods especially vegetables like broccoli, artichokes, and kale, all of which can boost liver function.

For most people, time is the hardest commodity to come by. So as a culture we have turned to convenience, prepackaged foods. While they may save a few minutes in the kitchen, they take a toll on our bodies. Most prefab food contains high amounts of fat, sodium, sugars, and preservatives that can have a toxic effect because what the liver and kidneys are unable to remove accumulate in the fat cells. Many physicians believe that such a build up can lead to or exacerbate Type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, fibromyalgia, and other chronic conditions. Plus, processed and packaged foods typically lead to weight gain.

The more fiber the better because being regular is one of the body’s ways of eliminating toxins. Same for water; drinking ample amounts of water every day will help with regularity and flushing out toxins. It is especially important to drink plenty of water when you increase your fiber intake.

Exercise is a must for many reasons. You don’t have to work out like an Olympian. Start light with a 15 minute walk and work your way up to an hour. Ride a bike. Many chiropractors recommend yoga because it increases tone, agility, and balance. Whatever activity you choose, exercise gets your circulatory system revving as well as your lymph system, which transports nutrients and removes debris from tissues.

Another boost to your system is regularly scheduled chiropractic sessions that can reduce aches and pains, promote joint health and flexibility, and boost overall wellness.

So when you are ready to detox and get healthier, consult with your local chiropractor to devise a program that suits your individual needs.

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