Have a Better Pregnancy Experience with Chiropractic Care

If you are thinking of getting pregnant or are already expecting your bundle of joy, the experience can be even better by making a chiropractor an essential part of your pre, during, and postnatal care.

Chiropractic Healthcare for Pregnancy

Chiropractic medicine is a great alternative for women seeking pain relief from their body’s changes during pregnancy.

Everyone talks about the hormonally-charged emotions of pregnant women and their growing bellies but other physical aspects of pregnancy sometimes get overlooked. Pregnancy causes posture and bio-mechanical changes to a woman’s body. For example, low back pain is practically a guarantee during pregnancy and chiropractic care provides a non-invasive, safe way to help ease and make having a baby easier.

Once a woman becomes pregnant, her body immediately initiates changes designed to prepare the body to carry, protect, and nourish the fetus. As the fetus grows, the body’s center of gravity shifts forward, causing the pelvis to tilt toward the anterior. This results in the lower back muscles to become shortened and tightened. At the same time, the hamstrings and gluteal muscles are stretched and become weakened. Beyond that, the arcs in the cervical and lumbar areas increase putting additional stress on the lower back as well as the neck.

It’s not just the back that’s affected. There are ligaments attached to the uterus that get stretched during pregnancy, which can cause a lot of discomfort and pain, in the abdomen or lower back or both. And hormones don’t just mess with the woman’s mood; the changing body chemistry throughout pregnancy can cause ligaments to loosen, which makes the joints less stable, causing pain. Chiropractic treatments consist of soft tissue manipulation designed to eliminate or reduce these various areas of pain.

Chiropractic care is completely safe for both mom and fetus throughout the duration of the pregnancy. Your chiropractor will provide special tables and pillows that let pregnant women can lie face down during treatment. Chiropractic adjustments help stiff or limited joints regain more mobility including the joint in the front of the pelvis, which is under a tremendous amount of stress through the entire pregnancy. It’s advised chiropractic appointments be made as often as ObGyn appointments and possible more often if warranted.

In general, women who receive chiropractic care say they had easier and faster deliveries. Some chiropractors have also received special training in the Webster breech technique, which enables the baby to turn itself into the proper position for a safer, less painful delivery.

Being pregnant should be a happy time, not one filled with anxiety, unnecessary discomfort, or pain—none of which are good for either the mom-to-be or the baby. So getting regular chiropractic treatments and adjustments can help reduce pain or eliminate it completely and make pregnancy a much easier experience.

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