Chiropractic Care – Using Holistic Treatment to End Your Pain

What do you do when you’re in pain? If you’re like most of us, you probably take medications. If that doesn’t work, you might take more, or you might go to the doctor, who will then prescribe stronger pills. If you have chronic pain, a few years of this cycle can certainly lead to you either getting addicted to medications, or suffering from kidney problems.

Holistic Treatment to End Your Pain

Chiropractic Care – Using Holistic Treatment to End Your Pain

Despite what pharmaceutical companies may say, there are ways to deal with your condition without fully relying on painkillers. The holistic treatment used by chiropractors, for example, makes sure that patient treatment plans consider every aspect of life; not only the injury itself, but also the circumstances that may have a bearing on any physiological complaints.

Chiropractors are licensed, and their profession is committed to providing patients like you with natural and drug-free treatment. This means using the following holistic treatment methods:

Spinal adjustment is not only part of the holistic treatment plan that the chiropractor implements—it’s the primary one. Chiropractic care looks at the disorders that patients have as resulting from spinal misalignment, and through manual manipulation to restore proper alignment, the pain can be greatly reduced and the root cause of the pain addressed. Laboratory procedures like x-rays, and the application of ultrasound and TENS may also be recommended depending upon your experienced pain.

Nutritional counseling will also be done as part of the plan, including the prescription of any vitamins you must take to boost your immune system. There are foods that may exacerbate your condition, so the chiropractor makes sure that you know what these foods are and what’s best to eat to improve your body’s healing power.

The chiropractor will also ask you to do exercises at home including stretching and strengthening routines that will help make your muscles more limber and strong. When your body is flexible, and your muscles are kept in shape through exercise, the risk for re-injury is reduced.

Lifestyle changes will be discussed very closely with you as well. Chiropractic treatments (or any treatment for that matter) will not work if you don’t make an effort to reduce the activities that are responsible for your pain in the first place. If you’re a runner for example, and have injured your back, the chiropractor will most likely ask you to do cross-training activities during the course of treatment instead of running to give your body the chance to recover.

These changes may also include any postures that you may be used to that worsen your pain. Office workers, for example, my suffer more from back and shoulder pain due to the poor posture that they maintain for hours in front of the computer. The chiropractor will then teach you the proper postures to avoid re-injury in the future and to make your healing process go faster.

Indeed, the holistic treatment provided in chiropractic care ensures that not only will your pain be treated, you will also be taught how to live a healthier life!

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