7 Health Care Tips for Pregnant Women

Pregnancy can be one of the most fulfilling times for a woman; it can be the most difficult, too. Hormonal and physical changes can bring on a lot of stress, and if you are not careful, you will not only harm your health, but your baby’s as well.

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If you’re pregnant and you want your baby to be born healthy, you should make sure to keep yourself healthy before and during pregnancy. Here are some tips to guide you:

1. Make sure to eat well. You don’t have to eat a lot; just eat healthy. Have a balanced diet containing all the nutrients you need, including bread and cereals, plenty of fruits, vegetables and fiber, dairy foods, fish, and eggs. Avoid raw foods (including salads!) and soft-ripened cheeses that may contain harmful bacteria that can affect your baby. It’s best as well to avoid peanuts and liver products, as well as too much coffee and alcohol.

2. Practice good hygiene. Make sure you always wash your hands before eating, especially if you have pets. If you have a cat, for example, contact with cat feces can give you toxoplasma, a bacteria that can cause miscarriage. Have someone else empty your cat litter, or if you must do so, immediately wash your hands afterwards.

3. Exercise! Swimming, walking and other gentle exercises are best for pregnant women. There are even some exercises which are made specifically to be done during pregnancy. Weight loss should not be your goal; rather, it should be keeping fit that will help you have a smooth delivery. Practicing yoga can make you flexible as well.

4. Don’t neglect your beauty regimen. Being pregnant doesn’t mean that you have to let go of your beauty. Your skin, for instance, needs more work during this time, as it will be affected by changes in your hormone levels. Check the beauty products you usually use to make sure they don’t contain harsh chemicals. Drink a lot of water to keep your skin hydrated, and always wear sun protection when you go out of the house.

5. Learn how to meditate. When you find yourself stressed out, find a quiet spot in the house and do some meditation. You can listen to soothing music while meditating, and this can relax your baby as well.

6. Get a lot of sleep. When you are pregnant, you will feel tired most of the time, and nothing refreshes you more than sleep. However, make sure that you sleep in the right position. Sleeping on your back with all the weight from your stomach can give you back pain and can be harmful to your spine.

7. See a chiropractor regularly. A lot of doctors do recognize the value of chiropractic care for pregnant women. They even recommend it early in the pregnancy. Regular manual adjustment will help you develop pelvic balance, which can lead to less stress in the pelvic area. If you have back pain related to pregnancy, regular chiropractic care can also address that.

Pregnancy should be a time of joy. By keeping yourself healthy, you can make sure of your baby’s health too!

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