The Benefits of Chiropractic Care for Runners

Running into sunset As a runner, you know that you are prone to injuries more than the regular person. Whether it’s too much running or cross training, or using the wrong posture in doing so, these strenuous activities put undue stress on muscles and joints, and if left untended, can definitely lead to injuries.

Another problem that runners may have is undertaking the sports without properly warming up first. Unprepared muscles that are tense and shortened can be sprained, which, again, would lead to injuries.

Muscle strain and sprain can greatly affect your performance as a runner and may even lead to more serious complications. To avoid this problem, it would be best to seek chiropractic care regularly to help keep you in top shape. Most athletic teams nowadays even have a chiropractor in their team for this purpose alone.

Runners can benefit from chiropractic care in several ways, some of which are as follows:

Reduce the Tension and Stress in Your Body

When you run often, you increase the stress that your body goes through, especially if you are a long distance runner. Chiropractors aim to reduce this stress by manually realigning your spine and improving your blood flow, which then improves your performance.

When your spine is aligned, your joints and your muscles are also loosened up. Tight muscles pull on your joints which results to pain.

Running woman's legs

Other chiropractic techniques which can be used include the application of heat to loosen your leg muscles, sports counseling to teach you the proper posture in running and walking, and stretching exercises you can do to help prepare your muscles for the strain of training.

However, make sure that the chiropractor you will consult has extensive experience when it comes to sports. Not all chiropractors are at the same level when it comes to specialized areas like this.

Reduce Pain and Discomfort

When you run, you mainly use the muscles in your legs. There are times when these muscles are overused, which can lead to pain. Chiropractors can use acupuncture to reduce the pain and discomfort you’re feeling in your legs.

Deep tissue massage is also another way to loosen up your muscles and reduce pain. This is not the ordinary massage that you can get at your neighborhood spa. Trained chiropractors target specific trigger points in your body to achieve the goal of pain reduction.

Chiropractic care is more than just spinal manipulation and treating back pain. If you are a runner and you want to continue with your sport in top form, you will benefit a lot from seeing a chiropractor regularly.

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