7 Effective Quick Exercises For Busy Women

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Many women have too much on their plate these days to incorporate a workout plan during the day. Whether it is managing a household, attending school, and/or working full time, women tend to put off routine exercises. What many women; as well as men; don’t know is that you don’t need to spend an hour in the gym a day for five days a week to become healthy and fit.

Spending as little as 15 minutes a day for five days a week, with a total of seven exercises can provide noticeable results within weeks. The key is to be committed, consistent and in control of what you want to accomplish. With that being said, choosing the proper workout destination and plan will either make or break the desire to continue with routine exercise.

With so many workout options out there, it is usually best to do what feels most comfortable. Comfort usually starts at home for many women. At home you don’t have that self-conscious feeling that people are staring, judging, or thinking certain thoughts. Also, being at home you don’t have to worry about unwelcomed conversations and distractions from others; especially from their male counterparts.

Once you become motivated to begin exercising, the next criteria is to figure out what types of exercises you would be interested in doing. Look around your house and evaluate items that can be used as resistance to your body for shaping, toning, and strength training.

Legs: Stairs are always a great option to incorporate into a workout if possible.

  • Step-ups maximize the entire lower body starting from the waist. Step-ups are where you have the foot on the step and lift your right leg straight up off the ground and hold three seconds while flexing the butt, quadriceps and hamstrings, as well as the calf. Do this ten times and switch legs.
  • Single stair quick feet are where you step up with the left foot. With your left foot on the stair, step up with your right foot. Then step down with the left, followed by the right. Do this quickly for a total of 30 repetitions and take a break.
  • Air squats are where you keep feet shoulder width apart, back and head straight, and you bend down 90-degrees. Once you hit 90-degrees the stand straight up. Do this 15 times and take a rest.

Arms: Using your body weight as resistance can go a long way.

  • Pushups are always a great toning and strength training exercise that not only enhances the way the triceps appear, but also the way the shoulders, chest, and back can be enhanced. Pushups are tough for many people, especially doing them correctly. Pushups can be performed for many different levels of fitness. Do what feels comfortable, yet challenging. Build on what you are able to achieve in order to increase production. Beginners can use a wall to push off of with legs straight behind to increase resistance. The further behind the legs are, the more the resistance is. Once comfortable with the technique and ability, switching to floor pushups will help increase strength and toning. For advanced individuals, use a chair to put your feet up on and perform correct pushup form. Complete sets of 15 if possible and rest.
  • Isometric biceps contractions are a simple way to increase the way the top area of your upper arms appear. Standing with feet shoulder width apart, take your elbows and press them against the sides of your body. Lift forearms to 90-degrees putting your entire arm in an L-position. Squeeze your upper arm area tightly and hold for 20-30 seconds and then rest.
  • Spider crawls are a great exercise to not only your arms and shoulders, but also to your entire core. Spider crawls require you to get down on all fours as low as possible. From that position, walk on your hands and feet with back straight as possible. Complete the length of the hall or about 10 repetitions total and then rest.

Abs: Strengthening your core will provide whole body results and confidence.

  • Mountain climbers combine legs, abs, shoulders, and triceps all in one. You perform mountain climbers in the pushup position (or a little higher up depending on ability). From there, bring the left knee in. When bring the left knee out, bring in the right knee simultaneously. Perform 20-30 quickly and then rest.

These are seven basic workouts that can be performed at home in about 15 minutes. Each exercise should be performed in 3-5 sets with rest based on ability but recommended no longer than 30-45 seconds in between. Once comfortable, weight may be added to create more resistance.

Knowing your strengths and weakness physically will allow you to perform to the most of your abilities. Make sure that you know how far to push your body in order to avoid any injury. Never compromise form for repetitions. Technique is key to desired results. If there is difficulty in performing certain exercises, focus on proper form and stamina and strength will eventually prevail. Don’t be married to a specific number to reach. Work to get to where you want to be. Don’t give up. The results will be there, but not immediately. Remember to be committed, consistent, and in control of what you want to accomplish.

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