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Office Chairs and Back Pain

If you work in an office setting and spend a lot of time sitting at your desk, over time you may feel increasing pain in your neck and back. Office chairs can perpetuate poor posture because most people tend to slouch when sitting in one. This puts added stress on the supports of the lower […]

Do I Have Whiplash or Whiplash Associated Disorder?

Neck pain is the most common symptom of whiplash, but it’s not the only indicator. If you have been in an accident or had your body jolted in a sporting incident, other signs of the condition can include pain in one or both arms, swelling in the neck area, numbness in the arms, pain between […]

The Epidemic of Back Pain

Expansive New Study Found Back Pain a Global Epidemic Back Pain Affects 10% of People Worldwide A new, extensive, multi-national study concluded that lower back pain associated with workplace factors accounts for a third of all work-related disability worldwide. Back pain was most common in Western Europe, followed in descending order by North Africa and […]

Rethinking Back Pain Treatments

Recent studies are challenging traditional attitudes about treating back pain. For many years, the typical treatment for sciatica was bed rest—and lots of it. But new research from Maastricht University in Maastricht, the Netherlands, is debunking that long-held notion, finding that immobility does little to improve the back pain associated with the condition. Symptoms of […]

Children More Prone to Back Pain

There was a time when lower back pain was an adult condition associated with too much sitting at a desk and too little exercise. But as digital technology becomes ever more ubiquitous, an increasing number of children are adopting more sedentary lifestyles with intermittent or non-existent exercise or physical activity. The result—children are now experiencing […]

The Alexander Technique

According to recent figures supplied by Google, more than four million people search for “lower back pain” information on the search engine giant. It’s indicative of the ubiquity of lower back pain throughout the world in general and the United States in particular. Rather than face an extended period of taking medication, sufferers seek to […]

Back Pain Treatment Options

The bad news is back pain afflicts as much as 80 percent of American adults. The good news is that the vast majority of cases can be treated without surgery and patients recover with full functionality. While there are many home remedies, the following treatment options have proven effective. Just remember, every individual is unique […]

Predicting Chronic Back Pain

As if back pain wasn’t depressing enough, a new study published in the August 2013 issue of The Journal of Pain warns that people suffering from severe, short-term low back pain are at increased risk for long-term pain and disability. The data comes from research conducted at Arthritis Research U.K. Primary Care Center who sent […]