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Children Can Benefit from Chiropractic Care Too

Chiropractic Benefits for Children Most people associate back pain with the stresses and wear and tear of adult life. But even babies can be subjected to forces that could cause back pain. In fact, the process of birth can place significant stress on the infant’s back. Developmental milestones, such as learning to sit up, to […]

Chiropractic and Sports

Many high-profile athletes are turning to chiropractic treatments to stay in top form. For example, when National Hockey League (NHL) player Sidney Crosby suffered two concussions within a matter of days, he sought assistance from his chiropractic neurologist, Dr. Ted Carrick, who treats several professional hockey and football players, who take a beating in their […]

Understanding Tendonitis

It’s not just athletes who suffer from painful elbow conditions. Weekend warriors, office workers, and anyone who performs repetitive motions with their arms, can develop tendonitis, a potentially chronic condition that can make it difficult to even pick up a cup. Some of the more common causes of elbow tendonitis include gardening, carpentry, shoveling, house […]