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Headache head·ache \ˈhed-ˌāk\ noun A pain that arises from the head or upper neck. The brain has no nerves, which means it can’t be responsible for the sensation of pain. The pain from a headache comes from the tissues and structures that surround the brain.


Herniation her·ni·a·tion \ˈhər-nē-ˌā-shən\ noun Refers to a condition found in the intervertebral disc. Herniation occurs when part of the material making up the disc moves to a position that irritates the nearby nerve for that area of the spine.


Homeostasis ho·meo·sta·sis \ˌhō-mē-ō-ˈstā-səs\ noun The maintenance of normal internal stability in an organism; this state of physiological equilibrium is achieved through the balance of functions and of chemical composition within an organism.


Hypermobility hy·per·mo·bil·i·ty \ˈhī-pər-mō-bəl-itē\ noun Relates to the excess movement of the area of the spine. In joints, hypermobility can lead to a number of unpleasant symptoms, including joint and back pain, soft tissue injuries, and dislocated joints.


Hypomobility hy·po \ˈhī-(ˌ)pō-ˈmō-bəl-i-tē\ noun When an area of the spine suffers from restricted movement.