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Degeneration de·gen·er·a·tion \di-ˌje-nə-ˈrā-shən\ noun Can be caused by wear and tear. Osteoarthritis is an example of degeneration, as the body’s joints wear out in what is also known as degenerative joint disease.


Disc disc \ˈdisk\ noun An object of cartilage that separates spinal vertebrae, protects the nervous system, and absorbs spinal shock. Disc degeneration occurs due to wear and tear and results in dry and thin discs.


Disease dis·ease \di-ˈzēz\ noun In the world of chiropractic, “disease” is a word that describes the absence of health. It is a condition in which the body is no longer able to heal itself and is susceptible to the growth of harmful organisms. Chiropractors believe disease should be treated with the reduction or elimination of […]


Dizziness diz·zi·ness \ˈdi-zēˈnes\ noun A relatively common problem also known as lightheadedness. It isn’t easy to determine dizziness symptoms, as they can be vague, but common symptoms include a sudden drop in blood pressure, migraine headache, dehydration, and low blood sugar.