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Replacing Opioids for Pain Relief with Chiropractic Therapy

Chronic pain, such as that from sciatica and back pain, negatively impacts many facets of daily life, including both work and home. Traditional medicine usually opts to treat pain with prescription medications. Unfortunately, this not only treats only the symptom (pain) while ignoring the cause of the pain, it has also led to a record […]

Improving Diabetes Care

It is estimated that one out of every three men and 40 percent of women born in the year 2000 will suffer from diabetes in their lifetime. The condition afflicts people from all nations and all cultures. While it remains incurable, it is treatable. But few people immediately think of chiropractic care as a valuable […]

Smoking Linked to Chronic Back Pain

New research has found that smokers are three times more likely than nonsmokers to develop chronic back pain. More importantly, kicking the habit may help prevent the condition from developing. Bogdan Petre, lead author of the study and a technical scientist at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine, concluded, “Smoking affects the brain. We found […]