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What is Achilles Tendonitis?

In Greek mythology, the mother of hero Achilles dipped him in the river Styx as a baby, making him invulnerable to injury wherever the water touched. His only vulnerable spot was on the back of his heel where his mother held him. The tendon that connects the heel bone and the calf muscle is called […]

Fashion Doesn’t Have to Be Painful

Being a slave to fashion can be dangerous to your health. Efforts that are made to stay fashionable by wearing high heels, carrying heavy purses and bags, and squeezing into much too skinny jeans can lead to a variety of damaging affects. Such injuries can occur in the joint, nerve, and soft tissue areas in […]

The Low Down on High Heels & Foot Pain

While they may seem like a modern convention, shoes that elevated height have been a fashion statement for literally thousands of years. In ancient Egypt, while the lower classes went barefoot, murals dating from 3500 B.C. show upper class women—and some men—wearing a clear precursor of the modern high heel. Egyptian butchers also wore heels […]

Ways to Prevent Achilles Tendonitis Injury

According to chiropractors, the Achilles is the most commonly injured tendon in the body and most usually occurs while playing recreational sports. The Achilles connects the calf muscles to the heel bone. If they are strained or stretched too much they can rupture either a little or completely. If that happens, the patient will feel […]