Spinal Manipulation for Improving Immune System Function

While chiropractic care is commonly thought of only as care for the spine, many studies have found that this form of alternative medicine can be highly effective for treating many different conditions not related to the musculoskeletal system. Since the early 90s, scientists have been looking into the connections between spinal manipulation and other essential body systems, and have found that this form of chiropractic treatment can help alleviate various symptoms and conditions associated with the immune system in particular.

Spinal Manipulation for Immune Boost

Recent studies show that there is a correlation between spinal adjustments and increased immune function.

Your immune system is in charge of protecting your body from outside threats, including diseases, viruses, bacteria and allergens. A strong immune system is able to fight off sickness and infection with relative ease, but a weak immune system struggles to keep itself regulated and has difficulty keeping even the most minor threats at bay. When your immune system is in poor shape, you’ll find yourself coming down with colds and other illnesses more often, and you’ll stay under the weather for longer periods of time.

Scientists are still investigating exactly how the spine and the immune system are interconnected, but strong evidence suggests that the nerves housed within the spine help regulate immune function. Nerve endings branch out from within the spine and connect to the spleen, lymph nodes and thymus, all of which play a vital role in the immune system. Based on this knowledge and the results of extensive studies and trials, scientists have been able to pinpoint how they think chiropractic care – spinal manipulation, in particular – has been able to improve immune function in study participants.

When subluxations and other disturbances in the spine occur, pressure is placed on the nerves, inhibiting their ability to effectively communicate with the attached tissues and organs. In the case of the nerves connected to immune system-related organs, scientists believe that the pressure makes it difficult for the lymph nodes to utilize their beta 2 adregenergic receptors. The lymph nodes can’t receive the message your brain sends to fight off invading threats, and thus, you’re more likely to get sick. This pressure also causes stress within your body, which forces your body to overly focus on dealing with the stress rather than dealing with the invading virus, bacteria or similar pathogen that’s causing you to fall ill.

Spinal manipulation is a safe, gentle and non-invasive procedure that involves a chiropractor making slight adjustments to your spine using his hands. He will carefully guide misaligned vertebrae back into their correct positions, alleviating the stress and pressure off your nerves, allowing them to communicate properly with your immune system once again. This allows your entire body to function at the optimum level, which will help you get sick less often and recover much quicker.

If you’ve been suffering from recurring colds and other bugs, or you find you’re having difficulty fighting off even the slightest of sicknesses, spinal manipulation could offer the solution you speak. Schedule a consultation with one of Bluestone Chiropractic Group’s experienced doctors to discuss your concerns, and see how chiropractic care can help you feel better in no time.

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