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Baseline Chiropractic is a proud member of the Bluestone Chiropractic Group network, and has been serving patients in the South Phoenix area since 2001. Our South Phoenix Chiropractic location stands apart from other practices in the area of chiropractic care.

South Phoenix Family Care Chiropractic

Bluestone Chiropractic Group’s South Phoenix/Baseline Chiropractic office combines hands-on-techniques, state of the art physiotherapy procedures and the newest and best natural vitamins and mineral supplements available to provide patients with high quality care. As a true multidisciplinary practice in Arizona, Bluestone Chiropractic Group offers a wide range of treatment options, including general chiropractic, orthopedics, physical therapy, and massage therapy. From chronic neck pain to back and neck injuries sustained from prolonged neglect or car accidents, Bluestone Chiropractic Group’s South Phoenix/Baseline Chiropractic office has the training and resources to fit your specific needs. Many patients have found chiropractic medicine has alleviated their symptoms and improved their quality of life in ways that other forms of medicine could not.

Chiropractic Patient Testimonials

“I was initially seen in this office for pain between my shoulder blades. I am a hairdresser and work caused my problem. I have a lot less pain and it is much easier working now. I have also noticed a reduction in allergies and I feel better in general. It has been such a good experience that my three and half old year old daughter has been getting adjusted also. Everyone at this office is great, just like family. My daughter and I feel right at home,” says Sandy Zavala, a patient of Bluestone Chiropractic Group.

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