Look to Chiropractic Treatments for Overall Health Benefits

Chiropractic Care

Receiving chiropractic care could be a necessary part of your life.

Everyone knows regular chiropractic treatments can ease aches and pains, but adjustments can be beneficial for wide-ranging conditions.

For example, many individuals, especially as they get older, begin having balance issues, which can stem from misalignments of the upper cervical region, jaw, and feet. Your practitioner can offer tips for better balance, such as addressing fallen arches, the importance of wearing supportive shoes, and how to stretch properly.

Chiropractic treatments can also improve balance and reduce dizziness. Vertigo is a severe type of dizziness that causes a sudden spinning sensation that can be very debilitating. Additional symptoms include nausea and confusion. The condition can also be very stressful, which can lead to other issues, such as back and neck pain. Vertigo can be caused by a virus that inflames the balance nerve and can also be related to an inner ear problem. Many instances of vertigo can be alleviated after a few chiropractic adjustments or therapies.

Even a small bump on the head can result in a concussion. The skull protects your brain on the outside and inside it is surrounded and protected by spinal fluid. Typically, the fluid acts like a cushion, but trauma from hitting a soccer ball to whiplash, can cause the brain to smash against the skull, making an individual concussed. Most mild concussions will not have long-lasting consequences, but in some instances it can lead to insomnia, depression, and even memory loss.

Chiropractor Adjustment

There is now a new specialty chiropractic neurology treatment, which was developed by Dr. Ted Carrick and focuses specifically on brain function. A chiropractic neurologist (CN) evaluation can identify injured or damaged areas of the brain. Its therapies promote new connections into damaged areas in order to improve brain function.

Temporomandibular joint disorder, better known as TMJ, can be caused or exacerbated by poor posture, which puts stress on the jaw. Chiropractic adjustments that align the joint can help improve posture and alleviate the pain. Likewise, poor posture as well as stress, muscle tightness, and neck tension can result in chronic headaches. Treatments range from adjustments, massage therapy, and physical exercises.

It is estimated that as many as 17 million American women suffer from bladder incontinence. The condition is often a result of pregnancy, childbirth, surgery, or pelvic floor weakness. Your chiropractic practitioner can help design a treatment program that includes exercises and other strategies.

Lastly, chiropractic can help lessen lymphedema, a common side effect of cancer treatments that is characterized by swollen arms or legs. It’s particularly common in women who have had lymph nodes removed during breast cancer surgery. Chiropractors use massage, wrapping, and specialized exercises that help reduce this form of body swelling.

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