How Germs and Bacterium Affect Masha & Dasha

Germs. We all have them, yet we all are not sick. Masha & Dasha were Siamese twins…they shared the same blood, yet one got more sick than the other most of the time. How can this be if they share the same blood? They have only one circulatory system, therefore a bacterium that enters one’s blood stream will soon be circulating in the other’s blood. The answer as this article points out is the spine. Both Masha and Dasha had separate spinal columns and spinal cords. One had a spine that obviously had less subluxation than the other…allowing innate to work how it was created to do.

East Valley Accident Chiropractor: Affect Germs and Bacterium have on the Body

Our nervous system dictates whether or not germs can enter our bodies, while the spine keeps our nervous system healthy.

Yet, we are conditioned from a very early age that we “catch” germs…we “catch” colds. Wash your hands constantly we are told. We are conditioned to be somewhat cautious in shaking someone’s hand or kissing them if they are sick, because of the “absolute” society has convinced on that we will get sick as a result. Again, nothing can be further from the truth. Tell me, why is it some kids in day care get sick and some do not? The virus is the same. All the children breathe it — come into contact with it — yet not everyone gets sick.

Whether or not the germs that enter your body result in illness is almost solely dependent on your nervous system…and it is your spine that dictates the health of your nervous system. When subluxation is not present or to a lesser degree, your nervous system will function more efficiently.

Our bodies are bombarded by thousands of germs daily…millions actually…but not all germs are bad. In fact, your body needs some of the not so good ones to help create an equilibrium. Your immune system will get stronger if you allow it to work unhindered…if you allow innate to do the job it was created to do. The vaccines, flu shots, antibiotics, drugs etc., actually depress your innate. These things are built on the beliefs that your body cannot function optimally without them — you will get sick they say — but guess what — it is just a fallacy. Yes some might get sick without them, but also some still get sick with them…some even die receiving them.

The first line of defense in any quest for optimal health is to remove the subluxation first. Once you are under regular chiropractic care you will begin to see that maybe you are not getting as sick as you used too…maybe your children no longer have needed to have tubes put in their ears…maybe you are performing better athletically…maybe you are just a happier person in general. No need to fear the germs. If you want to fear something…fear what may be the result of not keeping a spine healthy — disease….and remember its not just about physical disease…its also about emotional, intellectual and even spiritual dis-ease.

Thank you for being great chiropractic patients. I am honored that you have given this office your trust in helping you on your road to optimal health. Share this article of the week with your loved ones…and continue being the great chiropractic advocates you all are. We love and appreciate each and every one of you.

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