Drugs Don’t Always Cure Diseases and Ailments

Scottsdale Whiplash Doctor : Some Drugs Can Do the Body More Harm Than Good

The media, and sometimes your physician, aren’t always right.

Touting Tums as a reputable source of calcium has been on television, in the newspaper and magazines as suggested by many from the medical field. They are wrong. Studies have always shown that Tums is a very poor form of calcium and should never be suggested. Why is the public being mislead?

Scottsdale Whiplash Doctor : Some Drugs Can Do the Body More Harm Than Good
Taking certain medications for common illnesses and ailments may just do the body more harm than it does good.

The public must question the use of drugs, all drugs. Not many people know that Tums, which contain a form of calcium, which is difficult for the body to absorb, can cause serious digestive problems. They interfere with innate intelligence by blocking the natural production of an essential stomach acid, HCL –which is necessary to breakdown calcium. So in essence Tums users are taking Tums to lower calcium absorption. Something is seriously wrong here.

“No matter what pharmaceutical companies would like us to believe, use of antacids in any form can lead to health degeneration and disease.” We must keep in mind that pharmaceutical companies are not always working with our best interest in mind. They are a money making business, often using misleading marketing tactics.

Have your recently seen the Excedrin commercial stating that along with the food and drug administration they are working to help the public understand that there product also works on migraine headaches? To help us better understand and purchase this, they have developed a second packaging label for Excedrin called Excedrin Migraine, and with the contents being the same as the original formula. The product is no different but the packaging suggests that the purchasing of Excedrin for headaches, and Excedrin Migraine for migraine headaches. Is it really our best interests they have in mind or are they trying to increase product sales?

Bernie Seigel, MD studied “exceptional” patients to learn the qualities they possessed that lead them to recovery and health: “They educated themselves and become specialists in their care. They question the doctor because they want to understand their care and participate in it.”

As chiropractors we follow the premise that to best benefit from your care, you must participate and understand it. Doctors do not heal or cure. Chiropractors improve your own natural healing abilities by allowing your innate intelligence to better express itself. We never interfere in your bodies amazing process with drugs or surgery, rather we remove the interference to your nervous system that’s not allowing your inner doctor to work and heal properly.

Please share this important article of the week with your friends and family, especially those using Tums as a source of calcium.

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