Chiropraxy and Vertebral Subluxation

As people age, they often forget what the body intuitively knew in its youth—that exercise feels good, that food is fuel, and that adequate rest should be an integral part of our lives. Think back to your own early years when you felt good, ate well, and were able to do whatever you wanted—as the demands of a busy life take their toll, it’s often the simplest truths that get lost in the shuffle, and our healthy and bodies can suf fer accordingly.

Chiropraxy and Vertebral Subluxation

The spinal cord allows nervous system messages to flow to and from the brain. When the spine is out of align, this form of communication can break down, causing pain and discomfort.

Think of the spinal cord and nervous system as a network of roads. The spine is the Interstate, and the rest of the nervous system is made up of the smaller roads feeding into it. Now imagine road work being done on some small sections of the Interstate. Formerly unimpeded traffic now comes to a standstill, not because the road is completely blocked but because the free flow of traffic has been obstructed.

This is one way to think of vertebral subluxations. When the spine is properly aligned, the nerve signals are free to travel at amazing speeds. This is why, without giving it a second thought, the body is capable of magnificent and miraculous movement. But when the flow of nerve signals is interrupted by a misalignment in the spine, there are problems. In the beginning, some conditions are barely noticeable. However, over time, without treatment, they can become worse and begin to cause serious problems.

The results of vertebral subluxations are not restricted to spinal discomfort or pain. Overall weakness and pain, digestive difficulties, soreness, or other health concerns can also result from spinal misalignment.

Because vertebral subluxation can be the result of apparently normal activity and not necessarily a traumatic or acute event, a chiropractor may be needed to conduct a proper evaluation of your symptoms and pain. When queried about your daily experiences, you may come to realize that some of the things you are feeling are not just attributable to “a bad day,” but are rather symptoms of a potentially deeper problem.

If you work in a physically challenging job, especially one that makes unusual demands on your body, regular chiropractic adjustments can enhance your ability to function on the job, as well as prevent problems before they occur. Firefighters and paramedics, factory workers who engage in highly repetitive movements, clerks and others who stand all day—even office workers who sit all day—might find it beneficial to visit the chiropractor if they are experience numbness, pain, or rigidity, among other symptoms. Any of these may suggest that vertebral subluxation is stemming the free flow of the nervous response system, and a chiropractor’s treatment may do wonders for their range of motion, pain levels and even psychological state.

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