Chiropractic Care for Children

Many of the problems that chiropractors treat in adults are problems that began to manifest in childhood. Years of chronic neglect, bad posture and bad back health habits slowly wear away at the spine and muscles, causing a variety of conditions – both mild and severe—to develop over time. While you may think chiropractic care is only for adults, it can actually be highly beneficial for children of all ages. Treating back problems early will prevent them from becoming worse with age.

Chiropractic Care for Kids

A healthy adult spine starts at childhood, which is why it’s important for children with back problems to visit with a chiropractor.

Back problems can begin to develop as early as birth, and can lead to many newborn health complications, including colic, nursing problems and allergic reactions, as all of these issues are directly linked to the nerves housed within the spine. Even natural birth can misalign the spinal column, placing pressure on various parts of the nervous system. You should visit a chiropractor as soon as possible after giving birth to have your baby’s spine assessed professionally. A chiropractor will make sure that any misalignments are fixed immediately, leading to a happier and healthier baby with fewer medical ailments.

As children grow and begin to gain independence, they participate in a number of activities that can easily lead to back injuries and problems. Simple, everyday child activities such as riding a bike or playing soccer can alter the alignment of the spine and strain muscles throughout the back and neck. While children are highly resilient and unlikely to feel any pain as the result of minor trauma, these injuries will affect future development of the spine and muscles and prevent the body from functioning properly.

Even if your child is not exhibiting any immediate signs of pain or trauma, it never hurts to visit a Doctor of Chiropractic regularly for spinal check-ups. A chiropractor can identify any potential hot spots that could turn into massive problems and address them before that happens. If your child has recurring ear infections, allergies, headaches or other ailments that traditional medicine has failed to cure, you may find that chiropractic care can alleviate or even eliminate their symptoms.

When making the decision to take your child to a chiropractor, it is best to schedule an appointment with one who specializes on pediatric chiropractic. Bluestone Chiropractic Group has doctors at several of our locations who have extensive experience working with children of all ages. A chiropractor who is experienced in pediatric chiropractic will know exactly what techniques to use to make any adjustments to your child’s small spine without causing them any pain.

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