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Treating Extremity Pain with Chiropractic Care

Extremity pain is one of the most common pain complaints. With overuse, wear and tear, and the daily stress that people endure, it’s no wonder that the difficulties of modern life are manifesting themselves in our arms and legs. Causes of Lower Extremity Pain Your lower extremities—including the legs, feet, and ankles—are controlled by nerves […]

Address Core Weakness to Stop Lower Back Pain

According to the Mayo Clinic, in the United States, chronic back pain is one of the most common reasons cited by patients for going to the doctor or for taking time off of work. Back pain is so prevalent that a majority of Americans will suffer from it at least once in their lives. Top […]

Symptoms of and Treatment Options for Facet Syndrome

Do you suffer from back pain, especially when you are moving around? Does it become more painful when you bend backwards, or when you straighten your back? If so, you’re not alone; you may be one of millions of people suffering from Facet Syndrome. What is Facet Syndrome? Facet Syndrome is a specific type of […]

5 Ways To Treat Upper Back Pain

Upper back pain can be troublesome, and sometimes leaves patients feeling like they can’t breathe. Unlike the lower back, it can be nearly impossible to stretch the upper back area to find relief, meaning patients are left looking for alternative treatments and therapies. Upper back pain can originate in any number of different areas; sometimes […]

TMJ – A Difficult Issue To Diagnose

TMJ, also known as Temporomandibular Joint Disorder, is something that many people have heard of but don’t really know much about. That’s because it’s a hard condition to diagnose, as it imitates so many other things and can manifest itself through a number of symptoms, none of which are consistent from patient to patient. When […]

Whiplash And Why It’s Difficult To Diagnose

Whiplash is an injury caused by quick trauma to the body. Most whiplash injuries are caused by car accidents, but they can occur whenever the body undergoes physical stress caused by outside forces, such as sports injuries, being shaken physically (such as shaking a child), repeated stresses to the body, and falling down. The reason […]

Personal Injury

Accidents happen. A shoe heel gets caught on a piece of loose carpet, a foot slips on an icy step, a car gets rear-ended at a stop light. Even if we walk away with no broken bones or lost limbs, it can still be a painful experience that requires chiropractic attention. Anyone who has ever […]