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Chiropractic Care for Stress Management

People experience stress in a variety of ways. Worries about finances or employment, problems with your kids or significant other, even concerns about the state of the world register as stressors for many people. Stress causes both acute (immediate) and chronic (long-lasting) health issues. Luckily, a holistic approach to wellness, including chiropractic care, helps alleviate […]

Children Can Benefit from Chiropractic Care Too

Chiropractic Benefits for Children Most people associate back pain with the stresses and wear and tear of adult life. But even babies can be subjected to forces that could cause back pain. In fact, the process of birth can place significant stress on the infant’s back. Developmental milestones, such as learning to sit up, to […]

The Use of Antioxidants & the Effect On Your Wellness

Free radicals have gotten a lot of negative attention in recent years. To understand why they can be dangerous to your health it’s important to understand exactly what they are. Free radicals are atoms or groups of atoms with an odd number of electrons, which makes them unstable. They can be formed when oxygen interacts […]

Chiropractic Treatments Can Ease Depression

Experts estimate that more than 15 million American adults are diagnosed annually with mood disorders, which include major depression, bipolar disorder, and other related conditions. Typically patients are prescribed antidepressants, but for many the cure is as bad as the disease, with the medicines’ side effects negatively impacting quality of life. A study by researchers […]

Get Chiropractic Care for Natural and Holistic Pain Relief

Millions of Americans experience chronic pain, from migraine headaches to low back problems and neck and shoulder issues. While painkillers have been helping, there’s higher awareness now in people about the dangers and risks of taking medications, such as getting addicted or experiencing side effects. As a direct result of this, inquiries about alternative care […]