Chiropractic 101 for the Medical Professional

We treat patients with: Neck Pain Upper Back Pain Lower Back Pain Headaches Sciatica TMJ Extremity Pain Sacroiliac Pain Facet Syndrome Spondylosis Core Weakness Torticollis We don’t treat patients for: Disc protrusions/herniations Radiculopathy Canal Stenosis Visceral conditions What we do: We treat NMS (neuromusculoskeletal) conditions using a combination of therapy including: Chiropractic: HVLA (high velocity […]

Socrates And A Young Man

One day, Socrates was walking along the Mediterranean and a young man went up to him and asked, “Socrates, how do I become successful?” “Follow me,” he replied. He continued to walk into the ocean and the young man followed. Soon Socrates took hold of his head and gently pushed his head under water. At […]

Story Of An Electrician

There was an old building in downtown Phoenix that was having electrical troubles. The power to the entire building was out and despite the efforts of several of the best electricians, no one could figure the problem out. Eventually it was decided to call the electrician who was part of the original building construction over […]