75% of the American Population Suffers from Headaches

Back in 2010 a study showed that a chronic headache is a common condition that an estimated three million Americans 18 years of age and older suffer from on a daily basis.  With that, women are more likely to be affected by a headache, or migraine, than men.

Man with Migrain Headache

With so many people suffering from headaches, more and more people are turning to chiropractic care givers for treatment

According to thefreedictionary.com, headaches are defined as a pain in the head, caused by a dilation of cerebral arteries, muscle contraction, insufficient oxygen in the cerebral blood, reaction to drugs, etc.

Taking the definition into consideration, there are multiple causes for headaches whether it is stress, emotion, tension (an estimated 75% of the population suffers from), strain, diet and nutrition, dental, current medications, and even hormones.

Pinpointing the exact cause may not be as easy as one would think since there are some many factors going through a person’s body at one time. To help get an understanding of what may be the cause of reoccurring headaches, it may be best to keep a log of key components in your life. Things such as what kinds of meals and snacks you eat, how much sleep you get at night, what kinds of medications you may be taking, what kinds of tasks are given to you to complete and how that makes you feel. All of these can help you when it comes to alleviating the cause of headaches.

Since headaches are such a commonality among Americans, there are several treatment options out there to choose from. Many people are consumed with the idea of taking medications to rid themselves of their headaches. The problem with that notion is that medications can develop dependencies and cause internal damage to your body as well.

Because tension headaches are the most common, chiropractors are able to relieve your body of this pain by simply getting to the source of the cause of pain. Chiropractors can even eliminate headaches before they even start. Most tension headaches are linked to spinal conditions, which chiropractors specialize in adjusting and aligning.

A chiropractor will focus on removing any kind of pressure that is being placed on the nerves which stems from spinal misalignments. They also reduce the tension in the neck muscles. Tense muscles essentially cause the aches and pains your body feels routinely.

Chiropractors offer a safer alternative to not only ridding your body of pain caused by headaches, but by also eliminating them from even beginning. Headaches can range from moderate to severe in pain. However, they can very easily impair your ability to preform as an employee of any type, a student, a parent, a friend, and/or just an abled body individual. Take the first step and meet with a chiropractor if your experiencing any form of chronic headaches.

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