Phoenix Chiropractic

Phoenix Arizona ChiropractorsWelcome to our Phoenix Chiropractic division of Bluestone Chiropractic Group. Our doctors offer the best in family chiropractic care at two Phoenix locations:

Central Phoenix Chiropractic Location   South Phoenix Chiropractic Location

Dr. Brendan P. O’Connor heads up Bluestone’s South Phoenix chiropractic care center. Dr. O’Connor treats aching muscles, neck and back pains, MVA injuries, and chronic headaches.

Dr. Rebecca Carlson of Renaissance Chiropractic is Bluestone Chiropractic’s Central Phoenix care provider. Dr. Carlson uses chiropractic treatments to help balance patient’s body structure and to promote self-healing.

Speak with a Bluestone Chiropractic specialist for treatment of spinal injury and extremity issues. Our team is dedicated to providing help for our patients that prevent future injuries and pain through proper spinal biomechanics and flexibility exercises.

Conditions Treated Include:

Shoulder Pain Information

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